Exclusive from SMS

Free Legal Fees (worth up to £750) on Precise Remortgages via SMS Mortgage Club Route Only.

Including Disbursements and Transfer of Equity - Available only to Directly Authorised Brokers for Precise Remortgages on:

  • Residential
  • Standard Buy to Let
  • Limited Company additional £150 + VAT
  • £75,000 minimum loan to qualify

Intermediary Commission 0.50% paid weekly

It’s simple, all you need to do is:

  • Log onto Precise and select your product in the normal way
  • Select SMS (Solent Mortgage Services) as the payment route
  • Select GPL (Gordons Property Lawyers) as the Solicitor to be instructed
  • Complete the SMS/GPL instruction form for your clients to qualify for Free Legal Fees click here

IMPORTANT - All of these procedures have to be completed to qualify for the Free Legal Costs, if they are not they will not be paid and the clients will be liable for GPL costs.

For more details and exclusions please click on the information bars below or call 01329 245800 for more information

Full Details

  • Log into Precise
  • User Profile - Tab at top of screen
  • Select Mortgage Club - box left hand side
  • Choose Solent - use arrow keys to select and then click 'Okay'
  • >> - button between Select Mortgage Club and Preferred List boxes. This will move Solent from the right to the left box.
  • Enter Password
  • SMS will now be also saved for all future DIPs and applications.


  • Basic Legal Fee
  • BTL Fee
  • Dealing with Special Conditions
  • First Office Copy (OCE)
  • First Titleplan
  • HMLR Registrations
  • K16 (Bankruptcy Search)
  • Local Search Indemnity
  • Dealing with NHBC/Double Glazing Certificates
  • OS1 Title Check on Completion
  • Product Porting
  • Postponing 2nd and Subsequent Charges
  • SDLT Admin Fee
  • Transfer of Equity
  • First TT Fee
  • Cases that do not proceed, clients will only be liable for any disbursements *

Fees Not Included and Additional Fees**

Cautions & Restrictions £150
Dealing with an undertaking £50
Dealing with multiple Titles £10
Dealing with Private Charge holder £75
Dealing with unregistered land £125
Declaration of Trust £150
Drafting Certificate of Consent £50
Drafting Deed of Covenant £100
Drafting Statement of Truth / Statutory Declaration £50
Investigating Bankruptcy entry £25
Right to buy discount postponement £150
Shared Equity Postponement of charge £250
Shared Ownership - Staircasing £500
Solar Panel Lease £75
Updating name/property address/ address for service at HMLR £10
Upgrading legal title (e.g. from possessory to absolute) £50

* If the case does not proceed the clients will be liable for these and that averages at around £15

**These fees are classed as infrequent

1. Are you directly authorised?

Yes (Go to Q2).

No - You will need your Network/Business owners permission to allow access.

2. Have you set SMS (Solent Mortgage Services) as your club route on the Precise system?

Yes (Go to Q3).

No - Go to “How to change a Directly Authorised broker submission route”.

3. Is the case a re-mortgage?

Yes (Go to Q4).

No - Do not qualify for offer.

4. Is it a residential or standard BTL?

Yes (Go to Q6).

No (Go to Q5).

5. Is it a Limited Company BTL?

Yes additional fee of £150 + VAT. (Go to Q6).

6. Is the loan amount more than £75,000?

Yes (Go to Q7).

No - Do not qualify for offer.

7. Are SMS packaging the case?

Yes - Do not qualify for offer.

No (Go to Q8).

8. Broker is now ready to complete the Precise DIP and then submit directly to them.

9. Broker must then select a remortgage product with Precise, select SMS as the payment route, select GPL as the solicitor to be instructed and complete the SMS & GPL instruction form on day one to qualify.

Free Legal Product selection on the Precise system.

  • DIP your case with Precise as normal
  • Select a Product
  • Select Gordons Property Lawyers as your legal firm
  • Select SMS (Solent Mortgage Services) as your payment route (if this is not selected then the case will not qualify for the free legal support)
  • Complete the SMS/GPL instruction form for your clients to qualify for Free Legal Fees click here
  • The remortgage journey - download this document
  • Client instruction letter (example)
  • Gordons Property Lawyers Portal (G:PortL) Gordons Property Lawyers will give you and your client access to case tracking on this system
  • When the case is completed SMS (Solent Mortgage Services) will pay GPL and you your commission, provided you completed the SMS/GPL instruction form and have sent this to SMS, click here

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